Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order?

In the UK our minimum order is 50 pieces per style/colour with a total minimum order of 150 pieces depending on the product type. 

In Portugal our minimum order is 100 pieces per style/colour with a total minimum order of 300 pieces for woven styles and 150 pieces per style/colour with a total minimum order of 450 pieces for knitted styles. 

In China our minimum order is 350 pieces per style/colour, with a total minimum order of 1050 pieces. 

What are your lead-times for production?

As each project we work on is bespoke we are unable to give you concrete lead-times. Lead-times also depend on the factory used and their current capacity, fabric & component lead-times which differ depending on type and whether you will be using stock items or made to order, plus of course our own current availability. Once the order is confirmed however a UK or Portuguese factory is usually able to make the production within 4-8 weeks. 

We will discuss with you in person once we have a better idea what level of support you require, have chosen a suitable factory for you and then discussed with them when your production can be fitted into their schedules. 

In China we usually work on a 3 month production lead-time for a fully developed product, which comprises of 1 month for fabric and component production, 1 month for the product production and then finally 1 month shipping time…..however this may increase or decrease depending on your product complexity. 

However as a general rule of thumb we recommend for a brand new complete collection to be developed from start to finish that you contact us at least 6-12 months in advance of when you need the production ready by. 

Do you offer a sampling service?

We are not at present able to offer a sampling service on it’s own, but can produce samples as part of a full package production and development order in the UK, Portugal and China. 

We do however have a seamstress on our books that we can utilise for tricky styles were a toile may be needed before making a proto sample in a factory. This will be charged per/hour and the costs advised as part of a complete quote. 

How much do samples cost?

In the UK and Portugal toiles, proto samples, fit samples and pre-production samples are all charged at a set rate of £100 per sample. Components are charged extra and costs depend on exactly what you are using for your collection. 

This is because samples are very time consuming for a factory and often cost more than we charge for them. 

We do however offer discounts on samples once production is placed in some cases, similar to our China discounts but the amount depends on the factory used.

When we submit a bespoke quote to you for the work you require we will always specify the exact sample costs in total for the whole project, including any discounts applied at the production stage. 

In China samples are also charged at £100 per sample which is then reduced to 2.5 times the production price once a production order is placed. So for example if we quote to you that a t-shirt will cost £10 to make you will be charged £25 for the sample, and them once the production order is confirmed and the difference refunded to you on your final invoice. 

Please note that sample charges in China DO include all components. 

Do you own your own factories?

In the UK we work in conjunction with many local CMT units and suppliers which enables us to work across many different product types. Many factories in the UK do not offer a development service so we bridge that gap by fully developing your product first before placing it in a suitable factory for production.

In Portugal we work with a number of CMT and Fully Vertical Factories. 

In China we are the UK agent for a garment converter based in Shanghai and another in Shenzhen. This means we have a number of factories available to us across a range of different product types with a fully vertical operation.

I have an idea but I’m not a designer…can you design for me?

Yes we can either design to specific brief and produce a range of fully illustrated designs for you or we can develop your rough sketches into properly illustrated designs, either as part of a full production and development package or on their own. Fazane is a trained designer, but we also have number of great designers on our team that can turn your ideas into reality. 

I need patterns creating from my designs are you able to help?

Yes we have a number of great pattern cutters on our team, that can either create patterns for you based on your technical specifications or as part of a full production & development package. 

Please note that we are unable to create single patterns where not part of a product development and production package. Minimum order is 3 patterns (3 styles) where patterns are requested independently. 

Patterns are charged at a basic rate of £45/hour and total costs depend on the complexity of your design. Costs for these will be advised as part of a bespoke production and or development package. 

We can also provide fully graded patterns for production. 

Costs for these depend on the number of sizes and pieces required for production, and we will include this as part of your bespoke production and or development quote. 

Can you create a technical specification from my designs?

Yes we offer this as part of a production development and production package and will work directly with you to create these.

We can also offer technical specifications independently at a cost of £60/specification but you must come to our studio to get these completed (i.e face to face as we cannot product specifications online as there is too much room for misinterpretation).

Are you able to source fabrics & components for me?

Yes we offer a full fabric and component sourcing service as part of a full production and development package in the UK, Portugal and China. 

Please note that we are unable to provide a fabric and component sourcing service independently, unless all components are then purchased through us for your production.

Where do you source fabrics & components from?

If your production is being made in the UK then we try and source in the UK where possible, but in many cases we have to source from Europe for the most part but for more specialised fabrics then the rest of the world. 

If you production is being made in Portugal then the factory will try and source fabrics as locally as possible or use specified by us fabrics from the UK or Europe.

If your production is being made in China then ALL components and fabrics are sourced from China. 

I want some fabric printing. Do you offer that service too?

Yes we work with a number of local UK digital, screen, sublimation and rotary printers that can print your designs onto fabric provided by you or by using one of their stock fabric qualities as part of a full production and development package only. 

We also offer a printing service in Portugal and China as part of a full production and development package. 

Please note that we do not offer a printing service independently.

Can you provide Brand Labels, Swing Tickets and Care Labels?

Yes we can provide these as part of a full development and production package only. 

Can you dye fabric to my own shades?

Yes we work with a number of local dye houses, and fabric suppliers that can dye certain fabrics to your own shades, in the UK.  

Please note that minimums for this kind of work can be high in most instances for UK production so if you are producing a small collection with us it will not be possible. We would in this instance though try and source stock fabrics in colours as close to your shades as possible, or give you the option to bulk buy a shade and use the excess for a future collection if you have the budget. 

In Portugal and China the factories that we work with can provide fabrics dyed to own shade but the same minimums as the UK are usually applicable, so for small orders it may not be possible. 

Can you help with the fitting process?

Yes we we have number of great garment technologists and or pattern cutters on our team that work in conjunction with Fazane to fit your garments and take them through the normal fitting process as well as advise on the best way to make the garment for production. 

Are you based in the UK?

Yes we have a studio in Kimberley, Nottingham that you can visit. 

Do you have ready made garments we can choose from and put our own logos and branding on?

Yes we have a Portuguese route for Tees, Hoodies, Sweaters and Vests where ready made garments are available to customise with your own logo, branding and printed designs with minimums from 50 pieces. 

Will you place my production in the factory that offers the cheapest price?

The old saying rings true that you get what you pay for. 

We do not send out items to tender and give the production to the factory offering the cheapest price as we believe this creates too many problems with quality control. 

We do however understand that cost is important especially when working to a budget and will do everything possible to help you stick to that budget.  However we do choose factories based on their consistency, quality and level of service and believe that they should be paid fairly for that service.

Do you offer discounts on volume orders?

We don’t offer discounts as such but the more pieces you order the cheaper the cost price per piece will be. 

Can you give me a quote based on a sketch over email?

Again as each project is bespoke we prefer not to although in some cases we may be able to give you rough CMT costs. 

A more accurate quote can be given to you once we have had a face to face meeting at our studios in Kimberley, Nottingham and we offer a FREE one hour consultation with Fazane in order to complete this. 

Please note that due to unprecedented demand for our consultations, should you need to cancel your appointment please allow a 48 hour notice period. Cancellations after this time will incur a 50% fee of our standard hourly rate. 

We are also able to offer the FREE one hour consultation via Skype or phone but quotes will be an estimate until we have seen your product in person and/or completed a development day together at our studios in Kimberley, Nottingham. 

What is a development day?

If you are going to have a full product development and production package with us or in some instances a product development package on it’s own then it is essential that we have a ‘development day’ together at the start of the project. 

On this day we look at your project as a whole, look at each style individually and develop them further for the first protos or toiles, look at available fabrications & components, individual costs for each process, we may fit some styles or work on measurements for the technical specs.

We can also help you to work out a more accurate budget for the whole project and then at the end of it we will be more informed about the level of support you require and can then produce for you a final quote. 

Some of our clients like to simply book in for a development day with us before committing to a full production package in order to gauge if their project is workable technically and also financially.

Our development days are run personally by Fazane but we will more often than not have one of our designers, garment technologists or pattern cutters on hand to help with the development process. 

Development days cost £500+ (dependent on the level of help required) with 50% due on booking and the 50% balance due at the end of the day.

“We really enjoyed the development day and found it extremely valuable” – MILK TOPS

“Thanks again for the development day. Im glad we managed to choose the 8 styles, and have a clearer idea of the range. I am super excited about this project and I have a strong feeling it is in good hands!”  – FRINGE LONDON

What are your payment terms?

Usually we break down the project into sections and each section (Product Development, Design, Fitting, Technical Specifications, Component & Fabric Sourcing etc) is charged 50% up front and then the balance 50% on completion. 

However for Samples, Fabric & Component orders and for an Initial Production run we do ask for 100% of the payment up front.

Who are your clients?

A full client list can be viewed at the bottom of our home page …….however we do have confidentiality agreements in place with some of them so not all are listed.

Are there any product types you don’t work with?

Currently (although we do have plans to in the future) we are unable to offer a product development or production service on the following product types:


*Fully Fashioned Knitwear

*Denim Jeans and Washed Denims



*Menswear Tailoring


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