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Need a sidekick for your design adventure? We're the creative minds behind brand identities. In the dynamic world of fashion and product design, having a solid brand is like having a reliable Labrador by your side — signalling quality, opening doors to collaborations, and ensuring your ideas don't end up looking like a fashion blender exploded.

Brand identity isn't just an accessory; it's the complete package, much like a trusty companion with four paws.

brand creation & development

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01/ consultation

If you're bursting with ideas but feel lost on where to begin or what to provide, schedule an hour with Fazane for expert guidance on launching your brand. Her consultation will help clarify your concept and outline the necessary steps to kickstart your venture, enabling us to offer you a more accurate project quote. While we do provide complimentary one-hour consultations for those with fully developed concepts and designs, the fee for a brand consultation is £150 + VAT.

02/ market research

Market Research is a very important part of your brand identity and through our partnership with @LineandDotCreative they will help you to review who’s doing what, and for how much in the marketplace


Building on the market research @LineandDotCreative can then help you to build your brand with a logo and style guide. This is a series of mood boards to help inspire the final logo design, logo concept, packaging and a creative style guide outlining your brands logos, colours and fonts. This also helps us to understand your brand direction when we design your products and or collections


Using the style guide we can then advise you on the best way to label your products from woven labels right through to wash care labels and swing tickets and get all these produced and made for you ready to apply to your product or garments


How your customers receive their products and or garments is an important part of their experience and your brand identity. Through our partnership with @RetailEnvy they will help you pick the best solution for your brand and will help you on your journey to success no matter what the requirement or budget


Having a strong, user friendly website is an important part of your brand and through our partnership with @thegathercreative they can create for you anything from a simple one page scrolling website through to a bespoke CMS + E-Commerce solution. The Gather Creative have the knowledge and experience to create a memorable online presence for your brand that delivers


There’s no point doing all that work to create a strong brand identity without putting a robust marketing strategy in place, and that’s where our partner @TailoredMarketingSolutions can help you. With a fresh pair of eyes and over 25 years of experience, they can offer you clarity and direction for all your marketing needs.

08/ finance

Access to finance is crucial for starting a fashion brand as it will provide you with the necessary resources to cover essential expenses such as manufacturing, marketing, and branding, enabling your brand to establish a unique identity, stand out in a competitive market, and thrive in the dynamic fashion industry landscape. There are many options out there but we would recommend reaching out to our partner @FemaleFounderFinance for the best service (don't worry they do cater for men too!)

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“I have loved going through your sketches, they are so beautiful and I adore what you have drawn up - I wish I was able to have a bigger collection and include more designs!”

Sonia / Modest Fashion Label

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