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Welcome to the grand finale of our unconventional fashion and product supply rollercoaster. We said it was going to be one hell of a ride didn’t we? After the final bow on your designs, we jump into the production hustle. It's a meticulous dance of precision and efficiency, all aimed at meeting demand and upholding top-notch quality, because we won’t take nothing less. Simultaneously, our logistics and distribution team works their magic, organising the chaos to ensure your goods reach your doorstep right on schedule. It's a logistical symphony, and while the struggle is real, the style remains effortlessly cool.

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Colourful rolls of fabrics.


We are currently able to mass produce your products or collections in the UK, Portugal, Turkey, Sri Lanka and China. We also have an in-house atelier in the UK for small runs and samples.


We manage the production process and timelines using a critical path to ensure all dates for design, product development, technical, production and delivery are met using our BombyX PLM System.


We also manage all of the production processes for you with our Bombyx PLM system to include sampling, technical, branding, deliveries, testing and more!


Our factories will create for us a lay plan which works out the most cost effective way of cutting all your garments or products out for production


We take care of all the purchasing of fabrics, components and pay all our factories directly for your products and or collections.


We negotiate for you a fair price for your products and collections directly with all our suppliers and factories and help you to understand the breakdowns with our open costing sheets. These include all components for each style and even direction for your RRP and profit margins!!


Before your products are ready to ship we go in and complete a 10% spot check to ensure they conform to your requirements. This is in addition to our factories own internal QC. We will then submit to you a report and on approval and final payment....your goods will be on their way to you!


We will deliver your finished products directly to your warehouse. All deliveries from off-shore into the UK are Landed which means we take care of all the duty, import taxes and customs procedures for you.

09/ fulfilment

We are partnered with Blue30 Fulfilment for all your fullfilment needs. From stylish apparel to fashionable accessories, their team diligently handles the management of diverse products. They prioritise meticulous packaging, attending to every detail and meeting the unique demands of the dynamic fashion sector. Their custom-tailored fashion fulfilment solutions are crafted to streamline your operations, accelerate your shipping processes, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.
When you sign-up please mention us Fazane Fox Production Agency in the referral section for an extra special service!

Close up of plant in clothing production factory.
“I worked with Fazane on a project recently and her expertise was second to none. She is hands on, knowledgeable and has a super network of manufacturers both in England and beyond at her finger tips”

Pipa / Luxury Womenswear Brand

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