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Get ready for an exciting spectacle: Product Development – the stage where our design concepts throw a wild party! This is the meticulous and imaginative journey where your products evolve from mere daydreams to production-ready stars - just watch out for the Fun Police, as this is the phase where we scrutinise every single detail to ensure the final result is production-worthy. So we're practically fashion sorcerers, effortlessly juggling style, fabric, and functionality while navigating the challenges of efficient manufacturing. Our products aren't just trendy; they're innovative and practical, set to deliver a stylish impact for your customers.

clothing & product development

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Got an idea but don’t know where to start? We will work with you to refine and develop your idea ready for production


Our famous development days are done here in Nottingham. We take the initial design ideas, show you suitable fabrics, components and trims, choose colours, and start the technical process ready for us to be able to generate technical specifications once the designs are finalised at the end of the day


As part of the development process we will provide you with fully editable open costings which will be updated following your decisions at the end of a development day. This will enable you to budget accordingly and choose the right components and make details for your target prices


We can source for you fabrics and components from across the world suitable for your product or collections. We try and source the most sustainable, ethical and or recycled options available to us


We are able to get your garments and or printed using most modern printing techniques available such as digital, rotary, screen, sublimation, and many more


We have access to the most innovative decoration techniques for your product or garments such as embroidery, beading, sequins, heat seals and many more

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“It’s such a pleasure working with you all. You’re our kind of people. Innovative, Easy, Stress Free and completely realistic. We love working with you!”

Lucy / Workwear Client

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Whether you’re a startup or an established designer, we can take your ideas and make your designs a reality.

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