5 Steps to start your Capsule Wardrobe

In a world brimming with endless options, the concept of a capsule wardrobe stands out as a beacon of simplicity and style. Originating from the idea of minimalism and conscious consumption, capsule collections have become increasingly popular for those seeking to streamline their wardrobes whilst maintaining a chic and versatile aesthetic.

Here are 5 steps on how to plan your capsule wardrobe;

Photo Credit - Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplash

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe offers numerous benefits, both for yourself and the environment. Firstly, it fosters a sense of mental clarity and well-being by reducing decision fatigue and streamlining your daily routine. By consciously selecting and keeping only items that you love and regularly wear, you create a space that is more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, decluttering promotes sustainability by minimizing overconsumption and waste. By donating or responsibly disposing of unwanted clothing, you extend the lifecycle of garments and reduce the burden on landfills.

2. Outline Your Pieces

Determine the number of pieces you want in your wardrobe, keeping in mind the concept and versatility. A typical capsule collection ranges from 10 to 20 pieces, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and outerwear. Aim for a balance of essentials and statement pieces that can mix and match effortlessly.

3. Use layers

Incorporating layers into your capsule wardrobe offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it allows for versatility in styling, enabling you to create various looks with a limited number of garments. By layering different pieces, you can easily transition between different seasons and occasions, maximizing the functionality of your wardrobe.

4. Fabric Selection

Choose high-quality fabrics that align with your aesthetic and provide comfort and durability. Consider factors such as seasonality, drape, and texture. opt for versatile fabrics that can transition seamlessly between day and night, casual and formal occasions.

5. Consider Sustainability

Incorporate sustainable practices and materials into your collection wherever possible. Choose eco-friendly fabrics, minimize waste during production, and prioritize ethical manufacturing processes. Sustainable fashion is not only a growing trend but also a moral imperative in today's industry.

So, for example let's see what kind of garments you could utilise for your wardrobe.

Tops (6 pieces)

  1. White button-up blouse
  2. Black silk blouse
  3. Grey cashmere sweater
  4. Navy striped long-sleeve shirt
  5. Cream sleeveless blouse
  6. Black fitted turtleneck

Bottoms (4 pieces)

  1. Black tailored trousers
  2. Navy pencil skirt
  3. Dark denim jeans
  4. Beige-coloured tailored shorts

Dresses (2 pieces)

  1. Little black dress (classic sheath style)
  2. Navy wrap dress (versatile for both work and casual occasions)

Outerwear (3 pieces)

  1. Black blazer
  2. Beige wool coat
  3. Navy trench coat

Shoes (4 pairs)

  1. Black leather pumps
  2. Nude pointed-toe flats
  3. Tan ankle boots
  4. White sneakers

Accessories (5 pieces)

  1. Black leather tote bag
  2. Classic black leather belt
  3. Gold hoop earrings
  4. Silk scarf (in a versatile print or colour)
  5. Simple silver watch

Capsule Wardrobe Example via Pintrest

This example provides a foundation of timeless and versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create countless outfits suitable for a professional setting.

The colour palette consists of classic neutrals like black, navy, grey, and beige, ensuring cohesion and versatility. With strategic accessorizing and layering, this capsule wardrobe can effortlessly transition from office meetings to after-work dinners or weekend outings.

“Buy less, choose well.” – Vivienne Westwood

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