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Amanda and Lori approached us in 2019 with an idea for a luxury dog clothing and accessories brand. Amanda’s dog Dudley (yes they named the brand after him) has quite the wardrobe but she noticed that most of it was flawed. Clothing wasn’t durable enough. Zips broke, fabric stretched or tore, and buttons and clasps came off. Stronger pieces were often made with cheap cloth, while ‘luxury’ fabrics were often poorly fitted and finished. Amanda spotted a gap in the market: a glaring need for practical, stylish and durable clothing for dogs, using high-quality fabrics, custom-made by the best British and European factories. And that’s where we came in…Team Fox to the rescue as they named us (it’s stuck…)”


Cathryn’s first day at our agency was the initial development meeting which involved measuring actual dogs. We didn’t tell her till she came so much hilarity ensued with Cathryn on her hands and knees in a posh frock and heels.  

We designed, developed and produced a range of summer and winter dog coats, a new and unique drying coat, a travel blanket, bandannas, an outdoor blanket, luxury faux fur home blanket and also a range of premium unisex clothing for humans with cute dog quotes on.

A lot of work went into the design and development of the dog coats and we had to work out the measurements required for all dog types. This wasn’t easy 😊 and a lot of research went into the charts and what types of dogs covers which sizes, this was a joint effort with the client providing a document of competitors and sizing based on research and our internal grading department putting together a comprehensive chart for customers to follow for their website and also our factories.

Fabrics and trims were super important, not only did they have to be fashionable and unique they also had to stand the test of time so a lot of testing went into it. We also helped them to develop a brand new concept drying coat for dogs with a super soft bamboo towelling outer and SAF inner which at the time was an entirely new concept in absorbent material”

A lot of wearer trials were completed to establish the lead position for the keyhole at the back of the coat and also the shape of the flap under the belly so that this didn’t get wet when the dog did his doggy business. Risk analysis was also key to ensure that the coats were fit for purpose and that that the fur grainline was in the correct direction and the edges were finished off as neatly as possible.

Dudley & Co launched in 2020 with their beautiful range of high quality clothing and accessories entirely made in the UK.

Thank g*d for Fazane Fox

We love working with Fazane and the team at the Production Lab. Team Fox are great: they really know their stuff and helped guide us through the design process, and helped us get to a finished product we love. Would recommend them to others for sure...including ourselves, as we continue to work with them on our next designs!”

Dudley & Co

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