We were approached in 2018 by two sisters wanting to solve that age old problem of odd socks. They were determined to make life easier for people, whilst offering an alternative to throw away fashion. All they had was an idea and challenged us to create their brand identity and then the world’s first ‘popasox'.


You would think this would be an easy project but as with most new concepts the engineering to get to a product that worked took a while. Not only did we have to come up with some funky and fresh sock designs but work out the exact methods for attaching the poppers to the sock with precise measurements. Training our sock factory to attach them with a lock-stitch machine took time as all they had produced previously were socks on a circular knitting machine. We got there in the end after a rigorous testing process and the design technology was patented (Patent number: GB2574242).

The end result was that Popasox are a real treat for your feet. They are super comfy and soft, great quality and durable. What made them extra special is that they stay paired…even in the wash! All you have to do is simply ‘POP’ them together when you take them off and the patented technology ensures they will stay paired, taking out all of the frustration and mystery of the odd sock”

Thank g*d for Fazane Fox

“Fazane gets designs turned into actual garments. Thank you so much for all your help! Definitely recommend!”

Lizzie Tipping
(Co-Founder – Popasox)

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